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VAST has entered into an exclusive agreement with the Euthanex Corporation to create the ultimate humane CO2 solution. Euthanex brings a twenty year history of providing advanced euthanasia equipment to many of the top research facilities in the country.

At VAST, we realized that blunt force trauma was not viable in this age of potential Youtube exposure. We also realized that homemade CO2 systems had many problems. We wanted to design a product that was humane, efficient, worker friendly and eliminated negative variables. In short, we would only accept the best possible solution.

The result is the EUTHANEX® AgPro™ with SMARTBOX™ technology, the most advanced humane CO2 system for treating pigs.


• Proven by satisfied users

• Standardizes small pig euthanasia

• Precise control of CO2

• Preferred over blunt force trauma and manual CO2 systems

• Worker friendly: "push a button and walk away"

This technology humanely, safely and economically addresses an industry-wide issue.  EUTHANEX AgPro is the right choice.

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EUTHANEX® AgPro™ 255
EUTHANEX® AgPro™ Operating Manual
EUTHANEX® AgPro™ 255 Operating Manual
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